Sunday, May 1, 2011

Have I Mentioned That I HATE Love Bugs?

We have been very busy the last couple days getting ready to end this season of work.  We really wanted to accomplish one of our main goals which was to paint the boat so we got out the primer and got to it.  It looks so nice and clean!

This is with the top of the superstructure complete.
Looking at the port side.
The engine room hatch.
Here, looking at the starboard side, we notice a few love bugs being interested in the paint but not a problem so far.  After all, this is just primer.  There will be more work to be done before the final coat.
The bow.  These black spots are love bugs.  We were joking at this point about having love bugs for non skid!
Carter also worked very hard to get the sun deck to a point that we could take the boat to the marina for its monthly potty dump.  There is more work to be completed here but this was enough to go down the river.  We will enjoy this deck and it provides much needed shade in the cockpit. 
Then we decided to go ahead and prime the freeboard.

Here we are looking at the solar canopy with only 2 panels installed. Just imagine this completely covered with panels.
A view of the rear that we have not seen before. This is the only section that has not been primed.

We should not have joked about the love bugs because...they are no longer a laughing matter!  I was at the laundry when Carter sent me these pictures of our freshly painted boat!  You can see the totality of just how disgusting this is.  
This is the engine room hatch and below is the wheel.
Not only are they sitting on the structure but they are flying, swarming also!
Ugh! This being the main entrance, it was inevitable that they would get inside. We spent most of the day, vacuuming these creatures out of our way
 We just keep telling ourselves that 1) they don't bite, 2) they don't poop, and 3) they don't smell bad.  They are just sooo annoying!  Ugh!!