Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013

We continue working on our projects and are making some serious progress.  Carter has installed all actuators on the main array.  It's REALLY COOL!  Now we can track the sun on our port, starboard, or directly overhead. This will more than double the amount of electricity we can collect while underway. I finally got the walls in the head prepped and ready for paint.  Carter immediately picked up the paint brush and layed on a first coat.  It looks good! 

He has to finish the work on the sundeck and then he'll come below and start working on the salon project.  Now that my part of the head is complete, except for putting it all back together, I will get back to my sewing projects.  I still need to finish the cover for the instrument panel in the cockpit and I am going to create new cushions and covers for the salon out of one of the beds we took out.  Repurpose the old mattress (which was foam btw).  From there the list goes on and on for sewing projects.  :-)

I really do hate paint prep but it sure does look nice when complete.
Talk about bright white!

Nice and clean.
(This next picture was taken before the bottom 1/2 of the wall was painted.)

Meanwhile ... outside...
A view from the cockpit underneith the sundeck.

Carter is getting ready to install the next actuator on the port side.

View from the bow to stern.  All actuators are installed.

And finally, a view looking at the center array tracking toward the starboard side and the forward array tracking to the port side.  There will be 4 more panels laying flat on the sundeck...in just a few more days now for the full 5 kW.

Another view of the center array tracking toward the starboard side.

Carter cleaning up after completing the installation!

Another milestone reached!

Work on the sundeck and remaining 4 panels begins today! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013

It's been cold and windy which has slowed Carter's outdoor work.  It's not a good idea to mess with the panels in such windy conditions.  The cold front has moved through and we hope to get back to some serious work.  Carter continues getting set to install the remaining 4 panels onto the sundeck and I continue to work on the head.  Have I mentioned that I hate paint prep?    Grrrrr

Carter started by beefing up the center support with 3" structural channel.

Then reinstalled the linear actuators on the starboard side.
In the middle of all this, a bird came and parked himself on the bow line causing Radar to go nuts! 
Not only this bird but there was also a pelican that kept diving for fish just a couple feet off our port side.
And all the manatees!  We counted 40 that we could see in the other side of the marina basin.
There was only about 20 on our side.
A momma and her baby caught my eye.
Ok, back to the head for more scraping paint, sanding the walls and making a huge dusty mess ... everywhere.
So I decided to cover everything with sheets and towels.

By the time this nightmare is over...the walls in the head should look great and not have to be painted again for many years.
Is it safe to come back in yet?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The End Is In Site!

The holidays are over and we are back at the boat digging in again!  We are excited beyond words that we see the 'light at the end of this seemingly never ending tunnel' of construction.  Carter is busy completing his projects of repairing the sun deck and then install the last 4 solar panels for a total of 5 kw!  He also needs to install the remaining linear actuators, complete all terminations and finish the salon renovation. 

I will be busy completing my projects of repainting the head, finish sewing all covers including new cushion covers for the salon when Carter finishes that project.   Then everything will go back in its place.  Or more like...we'll have to find a place for everything....or get rid of it!

As always, this project is a work in progress and changes are made almost daily.  Here, you'll notice that the spindles forming the handrail on the sundeck have been removed.  The next kw of solar will be installed to lay on the sun deck during collection times and lift up to form a wall around the sun deck when we want to use the deck.  Can't wait to see how that turns out.  It should look pretty cool when in the up position. 
We are also going to install new flooring in the galley and stateroom! 
 We are in the process of picking out the style and color. 
Stay tuned.