Sunday, September 16, 2012

Into The Atlantic Ocean

In conjunction with the salon project, Carter wanted to clean up the wiring on solar panels.  We also made a new friend, Chuck, who just happens to be an electrician who very generously volunteered to pitch in and help.  and then we all went for a cruise.

Nice neat work.
One of the many causeways.

As long as we were passing by Port Canaveral, Carter decided to go out into the Atlantic.  Here we waited for the lock to open.  It was a nice calm day so ... ok.

Here we are out in the Atlantic Ocean with the pelicans and seagulls.
Some of the sites at Canaveral on the way to the Atlantic Ocean.


Everyone always asks "have you been to Fishlips?" 
Well, no, but we cruised by it! 

Cruising down the barge canal.
We anchored out at Cocoa Village that evening and then it was time to go back to the marina. 
Fun time is over and back to Tennessee we go to finish the summer season of work. 
We plan to be back in October.

The Salon!!!!!

We are back in Merritt Island for the final boat check before the winter season and as always, we have a long "to do" list to accomplish.  Our project for this trip will be the improvement of the salon. We intend to rip out the existing bunk beds to convert the space into a proper salon area.  The demolition began immediately upon our arrival.

Let the demolition begin!

Here are the two queen size bunks taking up precious space in the main salon.

Tools for this job....crow bar, wonder bar, a 3# sledge hammer and the saws-all.

1/2 of the top bunk removed.  As with everything else on this boat...these were not meant to be removed.  They were built in to stay.  Needless to say it took some persuasion to get them out.

There was storage under the bottom bunk for canned food.  We found these left by the previous owner.  Tomato and mushroom soup.


Peaches and baked beans.

Demo complete and ready to clean the floor.

Beginning to shape the support for the seats.
Custom fitting the front support to the curve of the boat.
The end product for this work session.  Carter used the existing nailers for both of the seats and it is obvious that he will have to bring the seat on the far wall down to the same height as the other.  We'll work on that next trip down.  For now....this is a GREAT start to the project and we are pleased with the result.

Soon after the completion of the salon, we plan to remove the seat at the extreme bow of the salon and build in another hanging locker. 
We will build in an end table that will go all the way to the middle of the floor and attach to the support pole.  Also, we will add a coffee table.