Monday, November 30, 2015

Preparations for Winter Season 2015-2016 Begins

We arrived at Port LaBelle in early November which is late by our normal routine but Carter's work lasted longer than usual.  As always, the first order of business is to prepare easy access to the boat and clear out a good work space for Carter.  There are a couple of pretty big projects that need to be completed before moving the Arc.  After Carter weed wacked some space for the vehicles and working tables, he proceeded to put the ramp together. 

Carter is covered in sandspurs after weed wacking the parking/work area.

Beginning to construct the ramp to the newly cleared area.

A job well done.
This will be the 6th season that we have used the ramp for easy access to the Arc.  Usually we position the Arc next to shore somewhere so Carter can get back and forth to the truck easily while working on the boat. This year we used it as a short cut so we didn't have to all all the way around to the existing parking area at the far end of the dock  We didn't realize just how popular this ramp would be.  Turns out several other boaters like to use the shortcut!

Radar found his happy place while all the work was happening!

 A snake had located himself on the deck box right at the main companion way.  He had to be evicted from the boat immediately!  Then an 8' alligator drifted by to see what all the commotion was about.

Carter next set about clearing the deck to pressure wash in preparation for painting.  It's been 4 years since the superstructure has been painted so the time has come.

Everything is off the deck and on to the dock for the time being.