Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let the 2011 Winter season begin!

Summer in Tennessee is over and we are back in South Florida to continue working on our favorite project of converting the Halcyon into the Archemedes.  As we worked this summer Carter was always plotting and planning his next moves on the boat.  One exciting event was the purchase of 8 solar panels equivalent to just over 2 kw for a total of 3 kw.  If you haven't figured it out yet, you will soon see that this is a work in progress and is always changing as we go.  During the summer, we also determined the need for the ability of changing the position of the panels to get the maximum amount of sunlight, so Carter will be reconfiguring the installation. 

The next couple days will be spent cleaning up and moving back in and then we will get to work.

I will start cleaning up by kicking out the current residents!  I think I have mentioned in an earlier post that I hate spiders and snakes.  Spiders must go but isn't this a cool pic? 

This is a normal size view of the 2 spider webs with the reflection of a tree in the calm river with a few leaves floating by.  Just cool pics....

2 trips like this to Kemmery Solar in Strawberry Plains near Knoxville, Tennessee and Carter has 8 solar panels to add.

Just barely fit in the Corolla!

We will be putting the final coat of paint on the boat in the next couple weeks and Carter will be constructing a new canopy to accomodate movement of the solar panels.  Then we plan to take the boat down to 10,000 Islands to find a good place to beach the boat to work on the rub rails and the life lines. 

From that point on Carter will start a blog of his own giving all the technical details of the remainder of this project, leaving out all the personal details.  I"m pretty sure that I will not continue this site and go back to my ladeedi site to focus on photography.  We will let everyone know the address for the new blog when he gets it going.


I see that I didn't post this page last spring.  Oopps!

Winter is over and it is time for us to return to Tennessee to tend to business.  We intend to return here to work on the boat just as soon as possible.

We packed up and headed out in late April. 
I've put off updating this blog due to not having a good internet connection.  Uploading pictures takes a lot of patience!

We cleaned and straightened up.

The final step to closing up the boat...taking down the gangplank.

The storage box is back on deck and looks good.

I know we're almost back to Tennessee when we hit the mountains in Asheville, NC.

We'll be back in Florida by November if not sooner!