Sunday, January 30, 2011

Floor Plans for the Boat

Tera asked to see the plans for the boat to help visualize the pictures in perspective.  I hope you can see from these pictures.

Also, in my last post I asked Mr. Henderson regarding how to create the bed in the dinette area.  Thanks for the response.  We had everything except that the sides of the table were in the way of the boards making the sides.  Just as you stated, the 'fiddlers' did not want to come off after 30 years and this was the missing part for us.  Not to worry, we weren't going to use the cushions as the bed, we were toying with the idea of using one of the existing beds and just leaving this up all the time in the dinette away with the dinette entirely leaving the bed.  But this is all still under discussion.  More thought to be put into this.  There is plenty to do until time for final decision.

The plans...

This is the entire boat.  Below are close ups of each section.

Sunday, January 30th

It's the end of January.  We have been here for 13 days now and we feel that we have accomplished quite a bit but there is still MUCH to be done.

Carter finished the pressure washing and repaired some places on the deck with epoxy.

The deck is looking pretty sharp don't you think?

It was obvious there are a few more places needing repair before painting but he was out of epoxy so Friday we went off to Fort Myers for supplies.  There we went to Marine Traiders, a marine supply store where you can find anything you need.

The artwork was interesting too.  You will find many stores in south Florida with artwork on their buildings.

We were greeted at the door by this pegleg.

I liked the artwork inside the store.

Carter, being inside his favorite 'toy' store, actually missed this artwork!  Too busy looking at items on the shelves to see this above!  LOL  He's slipping in his old age!

Need a canoe?  Got one...

Yesterday, Saturday, was devoted almost solely to getting the shower fully operational.  The shower works fine...Carter had to repair the drainage.  The shower water drains into its own holding area directly below the bathroom door entrance.  From there there a sump pump drains it directly off the boat.  The pump needed to be replaced.  This ended up taking all day as these type of plumbing jobs normally do.

This is after the tank (area on the right) had been emptied.  Thought I would spare you the nasty water scene.

Upon first beginning this project, Carter had a pretty serious 'oh $hit' moment.  While trying to open the valve to the through hull...the fitting broke off!  Fortunately for us, the boat was listing to starboard and no water came in but the hole had to be plugged immediatley.

Carter immediately fashioned a repair out of a sock, plastic bag and duct tape. 
A regular McGuiver move!  As he went along with the repair he found a bag with plugs specifcally made for just such an event!  Mr. Henderson was good...planned for everything possible.

The small plug fit perfectly and worked just like it was supposed to.

During the day we also played around with the dining/nav station area.  Neither of us liked the table at the nav station.  It stuck out way too far into the room wasting floor space.  We also removed the large dining table and replaced it with the nav station table.  We like it.  It might stay this way.   We're planning to use the large dinette table in the living area.

It will need slight modification...namely to cut the width down.  It has the same problem as the big table and that is we can't get in under it.  This width is for very skinny people.  Although I don't feel we are large people by any means...we are not that skinny either.

I also pulled up the carpet in the dinette area.  It was probably original.  We are discussing reinstalling carpet in the dinette area and tile in the kitchen and companion way.  All this is still under discussion.

Check out all the floor space that opened up with the removal of the nav table.

Carter pulled the cover off of the nav station.  Most of this equipment is obsolete now and he will go through all of this...keep what's good and get rid of the rest.  We will probably go ahead and install a cd player.  There are speakers installed in the fore and aft of the boat with the wires running behind walls.  We will have to track them down.
Meatballs with your spaghetti?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 28th

Yesterday was another day full of work.  The expression "Early to bed, early to rise" applies to us now.  Hey!  This wasn't supposed to be work!  Don't pay any attention to that...we are both having the time of our lives doing something that we ENJOY doing.

Carter finished the pressure washing, repaired some spots with epoxy and then began priming.  He has also begun creating the new pilot house.

Bear in mind that this is work in progress.  You have to start somewhere.

In fact it has already changed.  I have to get back out with the camera.

As for me...I worked inside on the starboard wall of storage.  Love, love, love this.  It is surprising how well this boat has cleaned up.  The insides of the drawers have all been lined with contact paper and it is still in good shape.  I don't plan to change cleaned up just fine.  In fact, so many little details of this boat are simply amazing.  This boat was built to last...and it has.  We plan to create a page a little later on highlighting some of the amazing craftmanship that has gone into this boat.

I cleaned all the woodwork inside and cleaned the walls on the port side.  It's a lot of work that is well worth the effort.  It all cleaned so well.

We had our first HGTV moment the other night.  Carter wanted to see if there was another tank below the carpet towards the bow of the boat and pulled up the carpet.
Whoa!  Is that parque flooring?  Yeah!  I promised Carter the the nasty a$$ blue indoor/outdoor carpet would be gone the next day and I kept that promise.  Wow!  What a find.

I love the floor rather than the carpet.  We plan to get a couple of area rugs for the salon and Carter is going to extend the parquet into the passage way to cover that area without obstructing the doors to the mechanical room.  Just for the record, this is not actual parquet flooring, but rather square tiles replicating works for me!   

Carter is talking about redoing the floor in the salon with tile but this is later when we take the beds out and replace with a sitting area. We will move the bed area into the now dinette.  We would rather have more living area than sleeping.  One bed is sufficient for us.  Currently there are 3 beds (2 permanent and the dinette area).

One issue...We cannot figure out how the dinette converts to a bed.  I see that Thomas Henderson, the creator of this fine vessel is following this blog.  Mr. Henderson, could you leave a comment on how that is accomplished?  Obviously the two small cushions fit onto the table and the large cushions will fill in the sides.  We see how the each of the seat backs fold down but have not found how they stay in place at the correct level.  There has to be legs?  I would look forward to a comment from you on this.  There is an option at the bottom of this post for comments.  Feel free to leave your comments anytime.  That goes for anyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26th

Time flies when you're having fun! 

We spent the day yesterday working solely on the boat due to a rain storm predicted to come in some time in the evening.  Carter finished pressure washing the deck and sides of the boat and it is now ready for primer. 

Carter inflated the dingy and used it to get to the outside of the boat.

Jet propulsion to position the dingy.

Big difference eh?

The whaler got washed too.
Obviously, it's only 1/2 done in these pictures.

I continued to work inside in the galley and dinette.  Both have been cleaned from top to bottom and everything in between including the ceiling, walls, counter tops, inside cabinets, shelves, plates, cups, glasses, get the picture.  It's clean!

Oh yeah!  That's what I'm talking about.
We decided not to put in the stove that we brought down since the gas line doesn't match up exactly .  No use in doing that much work when it's going to get changed so... I'm shopping for the stove/oven I want!  Again...That's what I'm talking about!  :~)

We were both pretty tired at the end of the day.
It was a good days work.

Shelving between the nav station and dinette that will be storage for the galley.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, January 24th

We stayed home all day yesterday and worked very hard.  Carter got set up and started on pressure washing the Halcyon while I worked down below deck.  It's coming along.

First, I'm going to post these pictures of the old and new gangplank for Mom.

Notice that this is a traditional gangplank of 2 planks.  You bounce along as you cross this one which was satisfactory just for boarding.  Not much good for all the weight we will be loading and unloading.

And here is the completly finished gangplank.  This one is able to withstand safely, the weight that we are having to load and unload as we clean. 

This is part of Carter's "many treasures" we have unloaded out of the Dinette.  He is organizing to put either on his truck, back on the boat or just to be stored until we turn the boat back into a sailing vessel.  I don't think that I have mentioned that we plan to convert this to a trawler to make the trip through the Great Loop.

Everything is being stored under the tent. 

The sails came out of the locker next to the anchor closet.  This is a large hanging locker and will be used for scuba gear, wet weather gear, etc.  There was a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) stored on the lower bunk along with more sails.

Carter starting the pressure washing.

The top deck is looking much cleaner.

Check out the top roof!  It's white again.

This is the head getting a fresh coat of paint.


View of the shower found behind the door.

And shower seat for when the boat rocks!

With the lower bunk being cleared out...I have cleaned and made up this bed.

The main salon floor area is almost cleared out.  I have cleaned out the drawers (you can see the wall of drawers in the mirror) and unpacked our clothes.  Much more convenient living.

Introducing a new room...Carter's mechanical laundry room.  LOL
You can see the boats AC system above and the washing machine and an extra fridge that will be leaving after the main fridge is working.

Carter's top 1/2 - Mechanical Room
My bottom 1/2 - Laundry Room
The inside of the Maytag washer machine.  Agitator on one side and spin cycle on the other. 
I am excited to check this out.
Agitators in the wash section. 
Carter had a conversation with his son Nick this morning regarding a newer washer/dryer combo for dirt Alabama.  We are considering a trip over to check it out.