Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summertime 2013

Summertime is here and Carter has to go back to work for a while. The Arc may run on sunshine but unfortunately our finances don't so we need to take a little work break and our time on the ship will be intermittent this summer. We plan to be back in the Fall with a full schedule for the completion of our solar powered cruise around the Sunshine State.  The Arc will stay in the pan handle for now and our new montra is "Key West for Christmas"!

We did take a nice cruise up the St. Marks River recently though. 

What beautiful tranquillity!  Enjoy the view. 
Can you hear the birds chirping?

Some locals down by the river enjoying the day fishing.

 One nice thing about electric drive is you can really sneek up on the wild life. Here's a lazy aligator we saw sunning itself on a log.

We came across this sunken boat with spiral staircase.  I'd like to have one like it on the SunDeck!

I will leave you with this stunning picture of where we're at right now in Tennessee!

Posts will be sporatic until Fall but we do have plans to spend some time on the Arc this summer and will update the blog when we do.