Friday, July 6, 2012

Week of July 4th, Banana River, Florida

The Captain is aboard the Arc'himedes!
We love our time on the boat.

We arrived at the marina on Monday, July 2nd with the intent to work on the boat for the week as well as enjoy the fourth of July on the Arc.

Carter purchased another Kilowatt of panels from Kemery Solar in Strawberry Plains, Knoxville, Tennessee along with power electronics (inverter and charge controller) that we had hoped to install during this week but unfortunately, this project will have to wait until next time.  We had a long list of 'must do's' to accomplish on this trip.

Fortunately it fit perfectly on the self!

One of the first items on the 'to do' list was to replace the Force 10 BBQ that was destroyed on the last passage.  We both feel badly about this loss as it was a great BBQ.

We were expecting growth on the bottom of the whaler but this exceeded our expectations!  We found a nice sandy beach nearby to scrape the bottom of the whaler.

Next, Carter custom fit the current window shaker into the forward hatch so we have minimal loss of cooling during the sizzling hot summer of central Florida.

Meanwhile, I continued my sewing projects by beginning work on a cover for the control panel and a cover for the generator.  (The generator is needed for power tools.)

I didn't get the control panel project complete so it came back to Tennessee with me to finish by the next trip down.

This cover turned out nice.

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