Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 7-11, 2015 - Continuing Projects

We continue to knock projects off the list that is growing shorter and shorter but still feels like it will never end.

Carter reinforced the sundeck structure.

We hired a man to install the flooring in the galley and stateroom a couple of years ago but for some reason he did not complete the job by going up the side of the boat under the pantry shelving.  So, Carter completed this.  Love it!

Now, here was a big project.  Notice the panels on the center array do not match. This came about because we expanded the array a few panels at a time over a couple of years. The fore and aft arrays were the last to be installed and the four poly crystaline panels were the first kiloWatt we bought before going to mono crystaline next. So we switched all the original poly panels to the sundeck array. It's hard to appreciate the difference in these pictures but it does look a lot better now.
One mismatched panel removed.
Two mismatched panels removed.
Sundeck panels removed.
Project complete.   

Back to painting.

Our new color scheme.  Light blue walkways, bright white deck and dark blue trim.
I even spray painted two of the black deck boxes white so they would blend in better.
Another gorgeous sunset on the panels.

Update the Travel Blog.....Project Complete!

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